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Big team of policemen surround reservoir where killer cop is hiding

  A LARGE team of a hundred special operations and investigation police surrounded the forest around Ratchaprapha reservoir in Surat Thani after finding out that a policeman who killed his father-in-law, his second wife and brother with his older brother too dying in the ensuring shootout at their home was hiding there, Thai Rath newspaper

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High PM2.5 pollution levels in 40 provinces, over 1,000 hotspots

  THE Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) said while nationwide hotspots had reduced to 1,096 yesterday (Apr. 14) PM.2.5, tiny particulate matter that can dangerously clog lungs, exceeded the standard in more than 40 provinces, Naewna newspaper said this afternoon (Apr. 15). Data from Suomi NPP satellite also showed hotspots in neighbouring countries

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