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Indian businessman escapes beating by son and his friends


A DISTRESSED Indian businessman was rushed to the hospital in Pattaya late last night (Apr. 20) after he jumped from a moving car where he was beaten by his own son and his friends, Sanook.com said today.

At 11 p.m. Pol. Lt. Col. Rakpong Saeninthramnart, an inspector at Pattaya City police station, was notified that an unidentified Indian man was found injured beside Central Pattaya road, Nong Prue subdistrict, Bang Lamung district, after having been assaulted and quickly rushed there to investigate.

At the scene he found the Indian man, 53, owner of a restaurant, in pain after being beaten and crying non-stop. Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan rescuers too arrived and quickly rushed him to the hospital.

The hospital medical team immediately took him to the emergency room where X-rays of his body and brain were taken.

Later Ms. Arocha (surname withheld), 38, who is the girlfriend of another Indian man, told police that her boyfriend had got a phone call from his friend asking for help.

The injured man related that he was taken in a MG sedan from the front of the restaurant at the entrance of Second Road Soi 7 by his son and his male and female friends, whom he was not sure whether they are Thai or Indian, and driven towards Na Kluea,

Throughout the drive he was continuously assaulted and finally he jumped out of the moving car and called his friend for help.

While the injured Indian man is still under close care of the medical team, police are busy collecting evidence, including surveillance camera clips. They already know who the perpetrator is and will be calling him to the police station for questioning followed by legal action which will be handled fairly to both parties.


The Indian man who was beaten up by his son and his friends being taken to the hospital late last night, April 20, 2023. Photo: Sanook.com

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