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Two Indian men in a punch-up on Thai Smile flight


CIRCULATING on social media is a video clip of two Indian men having a punch-up on a Thai Smile flight from Bangkok to India on Dec. 27 with the air hostess successfully separating the two angry fliers, Thai Rath newspaper said.

As the video clip spread rapidly online other passengers on this flight said the cause of the fight high up in the sky was that the man wearing a black shirt refused to straighten his seat despite the crew’s request that he do so.

After that the man in a white jacket came up to talk to him to comply but this escalated into a quarrel and moments later two other men standing there punched up the man in the black shirt with man in the white jacket then likewise doing so.

A similar situation occurred several days ago with the altercation then being between a flight attendant and a passenger during an Istanbul-New Delhi flight.

However Thai Smile Airways, a subsidiary of state-owned flag carrier Thai Airways International, only said in a statement that if there is any further development about the fist fight on this flight an announcement would be issued.


A screen grab image of the two Indian men throwing punches at each other during a Bangkok to India flight. Credit: Thai Rath

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Watch video filmed by Saurabh Sinha and shared on Twitter below:

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