Foreign street racers again causing chaos in Pattaya

FOREIGN bikers, mainly from the Middle East, are again causing trouble in Pattaya by frequently racing up and down Soi 18, Second Pattaya Road, and police said they will take action regardless of their coming to this seaside town for a holiday, TV Channel 7 said today (June 29).

A motorcycle taxi rider based in this alley alerted police of dangerous street racing by these foreign bikers who are causing trouble for local residents and other road users.

Moreover video clips of their races are also circulating on social media.

They usually gather in this alley at around 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. before zooming around recklessly, often suddenly turning or stopping and not giving way to others passing by, he said, adding that the motorcycles they use for these street races had been rented.

Pol. Lt. Col. Krirkrit Saiwana, deputy chief of Pattaya police station, said Middle Eastern tourists usually come to relax in Pattaya in June and July. They often rent motorcycles for riding around the town and police are keeping an eye on them and will take legal action if they break the law even though they are tourists.

Police have alerted car and motorcycle rental companies that they have to get copies of the passport and driver’s licence of foreigners renting their motorcycles and vehicles.


Pattaya police arresting some Arab street racers in July 2019. Photos: Naewna

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