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Wisanu: Speeding cop is allowed to ordain as a monk


AMID a storm of criticism that the policeman who rammed his big bike at a female doctor on a zebra crossing killing her has now been allowed to ordain as a monk, Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu Krua-Ngam stepped in to clarify that he is allowed to do so because even the clergy can testify in court, Amarin TV said today (Jan. 25).

The accused, Pol. L/Col Norawit Buadok, and his father, Pol. Sub.-Lt. Nikhom Buadok, head of the traffic group at Pathumwan police station, were both ordained at Wat Pariwat Ratchasongkhram yesterday to dedicate merit to the victim, Dr. Waralak Supawatchariyakul, whose nickname was Rabbit and was an ophthalmologist attached to Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Wisanu pointed to a previous case involving a news presenter who likewise ordained while his case continued. 

He added that ordaining for a few days is not a problem and even if the suspect ordains indefinitely he still would have to leave monkhood to serve his penalty.

He also pointed out that if a suspect ordains as a monk it makes it more difficult for him to escape because it is clear where he is located.


Top: Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu Krua-Ngam, left, and the accused policeman, Pol. L/Col Norawit Buadok, being ordained at right. The Thai headline says, “Can ordain but don’t run away.”

Home Page: Both  Pol. L/Col Norawit and his father Pol. Sub.-Lt. Nikhom being ordained as monks yesterday. The Thai headline says, “Ordaining for Dr. Rabbit.” Photos: Amarin TV

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