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Foreigner dies in fall from Bangkok condo


A MIDDLE-AGED foreign man fell to his death from the 23rd floor of a condominium in Bangkok’s Bang Khae district early this morning (June 9), Naewna and Matichon newspapers said.

A police team from Lak Song station are investigating the death of the unidentified foreign man whose body was cut in half after hitting a balcony on floor 2A with the upper part remaining at the balcony while the lower half fell to the parking lot below.

Reporters had initially got the news of his death via social media after the following message went viral:

“Someone is jumping from the building, he has already jumped, don’t know about injuries, condo —–, Bang Khae, Phutthamonthon Soi 2, #alert rescuers.”


The high-rise condo where an unidentified foreign man fell to his death. Photo: Matichon

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