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Man shot dead in road rage incident

A 40-year-old man who got into fight a with his neighbour after accusing the latter of driving fast past the alley from which he was reversing his vehicle was shot and seriously wounded and later died in the hospital, Amarin TV said this morning (April 8).

The incident occurred in Soi Sriracha Park, Sriracha district, Chonburi province yesterday and when police got there they found Mr. Itthichai Puangsri, 40, a private company delivery worker, lying unconscious after being shot in the right shoulder.

Rescuers gave him cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) before taking him to the hospital but he later passed away.

The killer,  Mr. Wichian Tangsuwanakul, 68, fled with his fireman in the confusion after the shooting.

The victim’s mother,  Mrs. Apinan Phuangsri, said her son, Ittichai, had just returned from work when he got into an argument with Wichian for speeding in the housing estate. They later separated with Wichian going to the next alley where his house is located. 

Her son followed him there on a motorcycle and further rebuked him about speeding before returning home.

Wichian then followed him to their house and was talking to Ittichai’s father at the gate when Ittichai walked out. Upon seeing him Wichian fired a shot at him, hitting him in the right shoulder area, and then fired a second shot which missed and escaped.

Mr. Wisanukon Tangsuwankul, 25, Wichian’s son, said his dad is a prawn wholesaler and before the shooting was driving home after having picked up some prawn to sell. 

When he passed Soi 1, where the victim’s house is located, the latter was reversing out of the alley and his dad blared the horn to warn him, this then triggered an argument.

He added that after his dad had parked the pickup truck he walked to the victim’s alley where another violent argument ensued and his dad then fired a shot at him and escaped.


Top: Wichian firing the shot that killed Ittichai, left, and the latter lying injured on the ground.

Home Page: The victim who was shot dead in a road rage fight. Photos: Amarin TV

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