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Tree falls on car, cab during rainstorm, cabbie safe


A PRIVATE TAXI driver escaped unscathed after a tree at the fence of Chulalongkorn University fell on both his cab and a private car parked beneath it during hours-long torrential rain in Bangkok last evening, Sanook.com said this morning (Oct. 8).

Both vehicles were parked beside Chamchuri building’s fence next to Phayathai road when the almost 10-metre-tall tree suddenly fell down amid the heavy rain and strong gusts.

The roof of the private car collapsed while the rear left side of the taxi was crushed. 

The cabbie said he had parked there to wait for his girlfriend who works at the university. Because of the heavy rain he sat in his vehicle then he suddenly heard a loud sound of something falling on his cab and quickly came out and saw it was the big tree that had fallen on it.

He added that it was lucky that the private car was hit first or else he would not be alive to relate the incident.


The roof of the private car that was crushed by the big tree falling last evening. Photos: Sanook.com


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