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Warning issued after ‘pretty’ gets drugged at concert

FRIENDS of a hospitalized “pretty,” which in Thailand means a product presenter or party entertainer, issued a strong warning to others in the same profession after she collapsed at a concert upon having an alcoholic drink laced with a potent drug offered by one of numerous guests, Sanook.com reported.

The incident occurred last Saturday, September 26, during a concert at Ban Ma subdistrict, Bang Sai district, Ayutthaya province. 

In sharing their Facebook message together with her photo, Dadi’s friends said she was entertaining guests on the stage when an unidentified guest offered her the laced alcoholic drink which caused her to faint and being rushed to Somdej Phra Sangkharat Hospital where she was put under a respirator.

Later when Dadi revived, she wrote that she was now safe with the host taking good care of her and covering all the expenses.

She added that this occurred through her work and carelessly accepting a drink from a guest who she could not identify because there were so many people around, and for this reason could not take legal action.

Dadi added that she would like what happened to her to be an example for others in the same profession to be careful.

She mentioned that at every gig something unexpected usually occurred but the hosts too have to understand that not all entertainers drink regularly yet they all work hard and spread happiness.


Top: Dadi in hospital. Photo: Sanook.com


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