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BMA gears up for weeks of heavy rain, floods

BANGKOK Metropolitan Administration today (Sept. 3) alerted its key departments to be well-prepared for heavy rain and likely flooding in the capital city from this month till the middle of October as a monsoon trough is covering lower central, eastern and lower northeastern regions during this period, Siam Rath newspaper reported.

Mrs. Silpasuay Raweesaengsoon, BMA’s permanent secretary of Bangkok, told the units involved to prevent problems and resolve difficulties that may arise while helping the people as best they could.

She gave them the following instructions:

– The Drainage and Sewerage department was told to follow up and coordinate with relevant departments and report weather conditions to their supervisors. They also have to prepare their machines and equipment to immediately enter flooded areas.

– The Public Works department was told to provide tools, equipment and materials to the Drainage and Sewerage department while the Fire and Rescue department was instructed to get their fire trucks and other equipment ready to help the people.

– The Law Enforcement department was told to prepare patrol vehicles to help the people where flooding occurs.

– The Traffic and Transport department was instructed to check the traffic lights and CCTV cameras to ensure they are in good working order. Should hoardings or trees collapse they should immediately alert relevant departments to fix the problem.

– The Mechanical Engineer division, Finance department, was told to organize an engine repair unit and help people coordinate with the district office.

– Bangkok Metropolitan Emergency Service Team, or the Best unit, told to help the people, assist with the traffic flow and immediately sort out problems if hoardings or trees that collapse.


Top: A flooded Bangkok street with an image of Mrs. Silpasuay inset. Photo: Siam Rath


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