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Huge amount of drugs seized in pre-holiday clampdown

IN A STRONG CRACKDOWN on drug trafficking prior to the long-weekend starting tomorrow narcotics police seized 9,830,000 tablets of methamphetamine (Speed), 66 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine (Ice), 2,050 kilogrammes of marijuana and 3 kilogrammes of raw opium, TV Channel 7 reported today (Sept. 3, 2020).

Twenty drug suspects were arrested in the eight cases in various parts of the country.

In the first case police found 8 million tablets Speed and 60 kgs of Ice in sacks at the rear of a pickup truck in Phetchabun province and arrested five drug suspects. The drugs had been smuggled from the northern border into Chiang Rai province for delivery to central region customers.

Three more suspects were arrested and over 400,000 tablets of Speed seized at the parking lot of a well-known shopping mall on Change Wattana road.  Police had found out that the drug dealers in Hathairat road area would be making a delivery here and laid in wait until they showed up, then upon discovering the drug, arrested the suspects.

In addition, there were three more cases where a total of  1,430,000 tablets of methamphetamine pills were seized with the coming from both the north and other parts of the country.

Narcotics police also seized a large amount of marijuana heading for Bangkok from upper Northeast in three separate cases.  A big lot of 600 kgs was impounded after police stopped a suspicious vehicle in Sakon Nakhon province while 450 and 1,000 kgs were seized elsewhere.

Pol. Lt.Gen. Chinnaphat Sarasin, commander of Narcotics Suppression police, said the crackdown was mounted before the long holiday because drug traffickers usually have difficulty making delivery when there are lots of police checkpoints in place to help holidaymakers going to various places.


Top: The huge amount of drugs seized prior to the long weekend on display today. Thai headline says, “Almost 10 million hell tablets seized.” Photo: TV Channel 7

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