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Thai leaders meeting Gen. McConville ‘should be quarantined’

CALLING the waiver of 14-day coronavirus quarantine for US Army chief of staff Gen. James McConville and his delegation during their two-day visit later this week “double standards” Srisuwan Chanya, secretary-general of the Thai Constitution Protection Association, said Thai leaders who meet them should themselves be quarantined for two weeks in their stead, Naewna newspaper reported this morning (July 6, 2020).

Gen. Somsak Roongsita, secretary-general of the National Security Council (NSC) and chairman of an ad hoc committee on easing Covid-19 restrictions, had said that Gen. McConville and his team will be visiting Thailand during July 9-10 as guests of the Thai Army.

While not having to be quarantined for 14 days, they have to comply with six measures of the Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) which everyone is happy and ready to follow.

However Srisuwan said while this announcement sounds good, it is actually unreasonable and cannot be accepted because it is an indication of discrimination and double standards on the part of the government and the CCSA. It also clearly conflicts with Section 27, Paragraph Three and Section 76 of the 2017 Constitution .

He added that National Security Council’s words alone do not guarantee that this visit would not lead to coronavirus spreading from US to Thailand.

“Does the NSC secretary-general guarantee that there would not be any problems about the spreading of Covid-19 from meeting US delegates?

“Regarding this issue if the government, CCSA and NSC still confirm that the US delegation will not be quarantined then for the confidence and peace of mind of the Thai people we would like all those who have an opportunity to meet them to themselves go into quarantine in Thailand for 14 days in their place,” he said.

Gen. McConville will be holding talks with Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha at the Government House after which he will meet Gen. Pornphiphat Benyasri, commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Armed Forces. This will be followed by talks with Gen. Aphirat Kongsompong, Army commander-in-chief, who had visited US earlier this year and invited Gen. McConville to come to Thailand.


Top: Srisuwan said Thai leaders and everyone else who meet the US delegation should all be placed under 14-day quarantine in place of the country’s guests. Photo: Naewna

Insert: Gen.James McConville. Photo: Stars and  Stripes


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