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Not yet time for Palang Pracharath to start campaigning: Prawit 


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

CARETAKER PRIME MINISTER-cum-Palang Pracharath party leader Prawit Wongsuwan today (Sept. 20) commented that the time for the largest coalition partner to go on an electoral campaign trail anywhere has not arrived yet.

Prawit categorically dismissed criticism that he and his Palang Pracharath Party had already managed to woo popularity among constituents in the provinces well ahead of the next general election, given colossal roadside signs featuring enlarged pictures of himself, his party’s logo and catchphrases on the government’s populist projects.

The caretaker premier stopped short of confirming whether Palang Pracharath would start its electoral campaign when the House of Representatives is dissolved, however.

He contended that he was merely paying official visits to the provinces especially those in the northeastern region to follow up on the implementation of the government’s projects without hidden agenda as alleged on social media.

Those gigantic roadside billboards do not necessarily signify that the Palang Pracharath electoral campaign may already have begun, according to the party boss. 

Prawit declined to comment on similar popularity-wooing activities conducted by other parties including those currently coalition partners, namely the Bhumjaithai Party and Democrat Party, who may as well resort to the government’s economic and social projects to draw votes from among constituents in the provinces for their respective candidates vying in the next general election.

The Palang Pracharath boss insisted that the time for an electoral campaign has not come around as yet and that the Election Commission be obliged to clearly explain what partisan candidates can or cannot do under the relevant laws.

His comments apparently followed the polling agency’s warnings recently issued for all parties to abide by and to not break the law by otherwise handing out cash or items to members of the public anywhere in alleged effort to buy votes among other illicit approaches from September 24 until the polling date.

Nevertheless, the caretaker premier who earlier commented that the next election for MPs would take place after the government has hosted APEC meetings scheduled for the middle of November confirmed that his ruling party members have constantly kept themselves prepared for the race to parliament.


Caretaker Prime Minister-cum-Palang Pracharath party leader Prawit Wongsuwan. Top photo: Thai Rath, Front Page photo: Matichon

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