Cabinet approves additional budget for 6 movies shot in Thailand


THE CABINET today (Sept. 20) approved an additional 212 million baht from this year’s budget reserved for emergencies and necessary expenses to cover a shortfall in the promotion of the shooting of six foreign movies in Thailand with these scheduled to be released this year, INN News said.

Ms. Traisulee Traisornkul, deputy spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, said the request for additional budget was made by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports which oversees implementation of incentives for filming of movies in Thailand. The ministry has 167 million baht of this budget left which is insufficient to cover payments.

Shooting of all six movies for which additional funding was requested were completed last year. Four of them are from the US, one from France and one from Singapore and all are scheduled to be released this year.

Producers of the six movies spent 1.193 billion baht shooting on location here with 12,000 people being hired and this generated a total of 2.384 billion baht for the Thai economy.

Since 2017 Thailand has implemented various measures to promote the filming of movies in the country. The key incentive is 15-20% cash rebate for minimum 50 million baht spent in Thailand but limited to a maximum of 75 million baht.

This scheme has led to 43 foreign movies being filmed in Thailand so far with these generating approximately 8.560 billion baht for the Thai economy. The income was spread to different parts of the country chosen as the locations for these movies.


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