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Sudarat now top leader of Thai Sang Thai Party


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

FORMER PHEU THAI Party strategist Sudarat Keyurapan has become top leader of Thai Sang Thai Party which she herself has founded.

In today’s (Sept 9) extraordinary partisan caucus, Sudarat was given overwhelming votes as top leader of Thai Sang Thai Party whilst Sita Tivari, a former member of a Pheu Thai strategic campaign committee, was picked as secretary-general among a total of 50 members of the brand-new party’s executive board.

Both Sudarat and Sita had been earlier attached to Thai Rak Thai Party which was dissolved by court and practically renamed as People’s Power Party which was also dissolved and practically turned into Pheu Thai Party.

Sudarat, a former public health minister and agriculture & cooperatives minister as well as former head of the Pheu Thai strategic campaign committee, has been definitely placed as Thai Sang Thai candidate for head of government in the next general election. She had been earlier named among a Pheu Thai trio of candidates for head of government in the 2019 election.

Some former Thai Rak Thai and Pheu Thai members of cabinet and lawmakers have already joined Sudarat’s party whilst others are expected to follow suit and contest the next general election under the Thai Sang Thai tickets.

Current Pheu Thai MPs widely speculated to jump onto Sudarat’s bandwagon include former Pheu Thai party secretary-general Anudit Nakorntap and Pheu Thai MP Karun Hosakul.


Thai Sang Thai Party’s top leader Sudarat Keyurapan. Top photo: Matichon, Front Page photo: INN News

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