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Former tenant behind looting of Koh Samui luxury hotel 


KOH SAMUI police have cracked the looting of a luxury hotel on the island tracing it to the former tenant who had leased the property for 30 years and transferred it back towards the end of last year, Matichon newspaper said today (Sept. 9).

Moreover the estimated total loss from the theft of fixtures and fittings at Blue Lagoon Hotel, The Teak Wing, has decreased to 17,548,000 baht million baht from 70 million baht earlier quoted because not all rooms were raided.

Police managed to recover 381 items of the stolen goods worth 659,000 baht and with 1,001 items worth 2,557,500 baht not having been stolen the damage dwindled to 14,334,500 baht.

Mrs. Waree Chokkanapithak, the hotel owner, had initially hired a team of security guards to take care of the property but did not renew the contract when it expired. When she discovered the looting during a visit in August she promptly informed police.

As investigation revealed that the former tenant planned to loot the hotel and resell all the valuables, Bophut police yesterday took a warrant to search a warehouse on the island with Mrs. Natcha Nophukeo, or Pat, in charge. There they found a lot of furniture and other fixtures from the hotel including tables, beds, cabinets, sanitary ware and some steel bars which were all seized.

Also seized were two vehicles, a six-wheel truck and some gas tanks used to cut steel bars and pipes during the looting.

Nine suspects were arrested namely Mr. Om Chaisak or Ohm Chancham, 50, planner, Mrs. Natcha Nophukeo, or Pat, 31, planner,  Ms. Kwanjai Ruenoi, 40, who carried out the theft, Mr. Apipat Chancham, or Oat, 33, Mr. Om Chaisak’s son who joined the theft, plus Mr. Krishna Khamuang, or Nui, 33, and three Myanmar nationals Mr. Tuya Sow, 23, Mr. Min Pyo Aung, 20, and Mr. Payu, 20, who are also all charged with looting the luxury property.


The luxury hotel on Koh Samui that was looted. Photos: Matichon

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