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Anonymous Thai donor gives Greek family hit by theft 51,000 baht

AN ANONYMOUS kind-hearted Thai donor gave a Greek family 51,000 baht to help them out after a thief stole almost 200,000 baht from their rented car while holidaying in Phuket, TV Channel 3 said today (Feb. 3).

A representative of the Knights Border page, Ms. Jaruwee Luangkong, handed over 51,000 baht in cash donated by the anonymous Thai philanthropist to Mr. Alexandros Alexiadis to help him and his family cover expenses till they return to their homeland. Pol. Col. Pichayut Srinak from Karon police station witnessed the donation.

The donor hopes that the cash will enable the children to continue their journey and be impressed with Thai people who have not abandoned them.

Mr. Dawood Sumalee, or Don, and Mr. Ahn Khamkaew or Beer, who runs the Facebook page Khamkaew Beer, wrote about this family’s plight yesterday posting their photo and a message pasted on their car telling the person who took their money to give them a refund while promising not to take legal action and also giving the thief 500 euros.

In this post Ahn wrote: “Hello friends, this friend’s name is Alex, he is a Greek who visits Phuket very often, we have been acquainted for 10 years now.

“He now has a family as can be seen in the photo but this vacation is not as happy as he had hoped. They have been in Phuket for less than a month but a total of 4,900 euros has been stolen.”

He added that Alexiadis had taken the money out of the rented condo and put it in the car for safety because the housekeeper had come in to clean it. Unfortunately he forgot to lock the car and when he came back to retrieve the money it was too late because he found a car door left open and the money gone.

The two of them accompanied Alexiadis to Karon police station for another visit yesterday to ask about progress in the case.

Pol. Col. Theerawat Liamsuwan, Karon police station chief, said after the victim reported the theft an investigative team went to the area to investigate and check a clip from a nearby CCTV camera to track down the thief

He added that the victim did not keep the money in the condo safe because it was broken so put it in the car instead but forgot to lock it.

That the car was not locked made it difficult to find traces of tampering because the criminal was able to easily open it and search for valuables within.

His team of policemen are still hunting for the thief, he added.

Alexiadis said he and his wife Lesia and their three children, Ilia, 14, Lisa, 11, and youngest daughter Vasiliki, came to Phuket via the Test & Go procedure on Dec. 26 and were staying at the rented condo until they fly home on Feb. 25.

He added that he had previously met Karon police officers twice but had communication problems even though someone from the condo came along to help translate, this still had limitations. This led him to call the Greek embassy in Bangkok for help.

He said he placed the money in the car because the condo safe was not working and a housekeeper came in to clean it. He did not then know he could have kept the money at the office safe.

What bothered him the most was that he was not allowed to watch the video clip from the surveillance camera at the entrance to the car park. This despite his car being parked in a spot the camera could not reach.

However he has now come to terms that the stolen money has gone and there is no retrieving it.


Top: Mr. Alexandros Alexiadis and his family together with Jaruwee and a friend after getting the 51,000 baht donation. Photo: Daily News

Home page Lesia and the children thank the Thai people and police for helping them. Photo: Khamkaew Beer’s Facebook page

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