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Greek family in trouble after thief steals their money

BEING rapidly shared on Thai social media and attracting a lot of comments is the plight of a Greek family holidaying in Phuket who are in financial difficulty after a thief stole 4,900 euros (almost 200,000 baht) from their rented car and in their desperation are now urging this thief to return it and for doing so he will be given 500 euros, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Feb. 2).

Facebook member Khamkaew Beer wrote about the plight of  Mr. Alexandros Alexiadis and his family posting their photo and a message pasted on their car telling the person who took their money to give them a refund while promising not to take legal action and also giving the thief 500 euros.

In his Facebook post Khamkaew wrote: “Hello friends, this friend’s name is Alex, he is a Greek who visits Phuket very often, we have been acquianted for 10 years now.

“He now has a family as can be seen in the photo but this vacation is not as happy as he had hoped. They have been in Phuket for less than a month but a total of 4,900 euros has been stolen.”

The Thai friend added that Alex had taken the money out of the hotel room and put it in the car for safety because the housekeeper had come in to clean it. Unfortunately he forgot to lock the car and when he came back to retrieve the money it was too late because he found a car door left open and the money gone.

Alex has informed the hotel owner and filed a police complaint while also asking to see a surveillance camera clip but so far no progress has been made.

Khamkaew added that after two days had passed Alex contacted him because he does not have many Thai friends and he then posted this message about their plight online so that the thief might realise how much difficulty this family is in. They had worked hard and saved their money to holiday here only to run into trouble. He upped the reward to 1,000 euros.


The Greek family now in financial trouble after their money was stolen, above, and the note posted on their rented car asking the thief to return it, Home Page. Photos: Khamkaew Beer’s Facebook page


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