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‘Ladyboy’ and friend steal gold necklace from Indian tourist


JUST three weeks after a transgender stole a gold necklace from a Belgian tourist downtown Bankok an Indian tourist was similarly robbed in Pattaya by another transgender who had paired up with a woman in stealing his gold chain worth 33,000 baht after hugging him, Amarin TV said this morning (Apr. 22).

Mr. Satish Kumar, 45, filed a complaint with Pol. Lt. Col. Apichet Metheethamaporn, an investigator at Pattaya police station, and mentioned that the theft occurred in front of a hotel on  Second Road, south Pattaya.

He related that while he was relaxing in this area the ladyboy accompanied by a woman, with both of them glamorously dressed, came up to him and offered their services and tried to persuade him to go to bed with them and hugged him as they did so.

However he refused and pushed the two of them away. A little later he realised that his gold necklace weighing 16 grammes and worth 33,000 baht had been stolen.

Police said the two thieves were part of a gang of prostitutes who hang around the roads and steal gold necklaces from unsuspecting tourists. Police investigators are now tracking down the two thieves with the help of surveillance camera clips.

Lumpini police were able to to quickly arrest the transgender who stole Mr. Frederik de Vreese’s gold necklace.


Top: The stretch of Pattaya’s Second road where the theft took place. Photo: Amarin TV

Home Page: The Indian tourist reporting the theft to Pattaya police. Photo: Amarin TV

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