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Stressed out banker found stabbed to death


A FINANCIAL adviser of major bank was found stabbed to death in his sedan today (August 27) with police investigating whether it was murder or suicide, Matichon newspaper said.

At 11.30 a.m. Bang Kruai police station in Nonthaburi province was alerted that a man was found dead in a car parked at Nakhon In road in Bang Kruai district and a team rushed there together with Ruam Katanyu rescuers and a doctor from the Central Institute Forensic Science.

At the scene they found the body of Mr. Jetsit (surname withheld), 30, dead on the reclined driver’s seat with a lot of blood in the sedan.

They also found two 20-centimetre knives on the left side of the body and one one fallen on the right side. Placed on the right side was a piece of paper with the deceased man’s parents’ phone numbers.

Initial investigation showed two stab wounds in the neck and seven on the left side of the chest.

His wife told police her husband worked for a bank as a financial adviser. However over the past two weeks he had been complaining about stress at work. He disappeared from the house at 4 a.m. yesterday and she did not think he would die this way.

Mr. Wiangchai (surname withheld), 51, a mechanic, said he had come to this area to fix a minibus but as it was getting hot he decided to push the vehicle to a shady spot behind him to continue working there.

As this sedan was parked there he asked for help from passers-by to help push it to make room for the vehicle he was repairing. However when they got close they saw the dead man within and immediately called the police.

He added that he first saw the sedan at 11 a.m. yesterday.


The sedan in which the bank’s financial adviser was found dead. Photos: Matichon

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