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Drug runner hunted after shooting undercover policeman

Nakhon Ratchasima – Police are hunting for a drug trafficker who shot and critically injured an undercover police officer who had set a trap and met him to buy a quantity of methamphetamine (Speed) at noon today (July 29), Sanook.com reported

Pol. Sub. Lt. Song Duaykrathok, who was hit by two shots, one in the chest and one in the arm, is in critical condition at Maharaj Hospital after being transferred there from Ban Lueam Hospital.

The police officer had gone to meet the drug trafficker, later identified as Mr. Phadungsilp Lohakat, 38, at a spot on Ban Lueam Road in Khong district. The drug trafficker had come alone a motorcycle without a licence plate  but just as the transaction was underway he realized it was a trap so fired the two shots and quickly sped away.

Around 50 police officers of this northeastern police spread out to search for the drug runner and have now found out that he has escaped into a tapioca plantation which they have surround and are confident of catching him soon.


Top: The police officer who was critically shot at noon today and other policemen hunting for the drug trafficker. Photo: Sanook.com

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