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Arab bikers racing on Pattaya roads rounded up


PATTAYA police arrested some Arab motorcyclists who have been troubling local residents as they noisily raced up and down some Pattaya roads blaring the horn but a few of them managed to escape, Naewna newspaper said today (August 23).

Pol. Col. Kulchat Kulchai, superintendent of Pattaya police station, and a team of more than 30 policemen last night moved in to stop street racing after complants from residents that they could no longer tolerate the noise.

They split up into teams and arrested some of them based on these complaints and evidence from surveillance cameras. They chased a group of 30 Arab bikers in Soi Yen Sabaidee and managed to catch many of them but others abandoned their motorcycles and walked away upon seeing police come after them.

Pol. Col. Kulchat said police were not ignoring this probelm and had mounted regular checks with wrongdoers arrest. However as these bikers are tourists and do not understand Thai law they continue to race on this seaside city’s roads.

Both the bikers and the owners of the motorcycles who rented them out face prosecution under the Land Traffic Act.


Pattaya police arresting Arab street racers last night. Photos: Naewna

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