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Vocational group founder says from New Zealand his faction not quitting

THE founder of Gear of Democracy vocational group Mr. Eakapop Luara said from New Zealand where he is taking refuge that his group is not withdrawing support from anti-government protesters as has been claimed, Thai Rath newspaper reported today (Nov. 20,2020).

Eakapop, aka Tang Vocational, who is a fugitive from a lèse majesté , or Section 112, case, founded this group 10 years ago.

In posting his message on his Facebook page, he shared photos of himself with Thanachai Ueraracha, a key ally of the protesters, in 2014.

In his message Eakapop said that as founder of this group he can say that there is no withdrawal from staying on the frontline to take care of the protesters.

He added that while he is taking refuge in New Zealand, a new generation of leaders have now moved up. He himself too has not abandoned the ideology, and even today gave a phone-in stage address in Chainat and has done this in many other provinces.

However Thai Rath reporters said that at least two groups have ended their participation in the protests, saying the leaders have moved away from demands to amend the constitution and evict the government and are more focused on institutional (Monarchy) matters.

They said one group that is dropping out is that of Mr. Nuttawut Somboonsap, People End Game, and most recently the Vocational Friends of Democracy have also withdrawn their support.


Eakapop addressing a rally in Thailand in 2014. Photos: Thai Rath


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