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Police brutally beat up 3 wounded youths seeking help 


CAPTURED ON a surveillance camera are two policemen from Sampran station in Nakhon Pathom province as they brutally beat up three youths who rode up on their motorcycle to seek their help after being stabbed by a rival gang and were found to be carrying a pistol, Amarin TV said this morning (May 21).

The incident occurred at 1 a.m. on April 30 in front of  Pruksa Ville 44 housing estate at Bang Toei subdistrict, Sampran district, and drew strong criticism on Thai social media after the video clip was shared on the Facebook page E Sor Khayee Khao.

An Amarin TV team went to investigate and talked to Miss Patcharaphon (surname withheld), 25, the housing estate’s manager, who said on May 6 she was informed about what had happened by the families of the bashed-up youths so went to check a nearby surveillance camera clip.

The three youths’ families said they had ridden to Samphran district to see their girlfriends but ran into their rivals who attacked and stabbed them.

They sped away and upon seeing the police patrol asked for help as they had been stabbed.

However the two policemen instead ordered the three youths to take their shirts off and sit on the pavement with a search then revealing that they had a pistol with them.

The two policemen proceed to handcuff the youths after which brutally beat them up, kicking and stomping their head and body then using a belt to whip them.

They then were taken in the police pickup truck to be charged with carrying a weapon in public without permission.

Today Pol. Col. Pongsak Chunak, deputy chief of Nakhon Pathom provincial police, said the two policemen had been transferred to provincial police headquarters yesterday with a committee now investigating this incident.


Screengrab images from the surveillance camera clip show the two policemen bashing up the three youths. Photos: Amarin TV 


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