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Two policemen, a guard punched up in restaurant brawl

A FRACAS at a barbequed shrimp restaurant led to nine guards badly beating up two off-duty policemen and another guard who moved in to help one of them, Thai Rath newspaper reported this afternoon.

A Facebook member shared a video clip of the punch-up, which is going viral on the Thai social media, with this showing nine guards of Por Kung Phao restaurant in Lak Si – Saphan Mai area of the metropolis continuing to beat up one of the two policemen who was lying unconscious on the ground.

Another guard who was standing by told them to stop, but they would not do so, so he then pulled the leg of the unconscious policemen to drag him to the restaurant garden where the other policeman was lying unconscious and himself got a hail of blows.

All 13 of them, including the two injured policemen, Pol.Sgt. Cherdchai Yodcharoen from 191 emergency community centre and Pol. Sgt. Aekawat Kaewpila from Highway police unit, and the injured guard who helped them, showed up for questioning at Bang Khen police station this afternoon.

The two policemen said they were sitting in the restaurant eating and drinking but then got into a fight with occupants of the next table and both sides started throwing water at each other.

This led to the guards taking them outside the restaurant, however in the melee one of the policemen elbowed a guard, which triggered the brutal bashing.


All 13 men involved in the restaurant brawl at Bang Khen police station this afternoo. Photo: Thai Rath

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