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Doi Inthanon shut, Chiang Mai flooded after 200mm rain


CONTINUOUS rain since last night reaching as much as 200 millimetres at Chiang Mai’s Doi Inthanon National Park led to the popular park temporarily shutting its tourists attractions and the northern city inundated with forest runoff, Naewna newspaper said this afternoon (May 21).

The torrential downpour caused waterfalls to rise rapidly and rivers overflowing their banks as forest runoffs poured in.

Chiang Mai’s Hydrology Division 1 and Department of Water Resources’ region 1 office issued a warning for people in Hot, Mae Chaem and Chom Thong districts to prepare for flooding and a red alert to evacuate residents in Mae Chaem’s  Ban Mae Lu and Kong Khaek subdistricts after cumulative rainfall over 12 hours reached 124.5 millimetres,  or two millimetres every 15 minutes,

In Omkoi district the continuous heavy rain had led to water in Mae Tom and Mae Tean rivers rising and overflowing their banks flooding infrastructure such as Saphan Khu Rak bridge.

Omkoi Acting District Chief Mr. Adisak Duangchinda ordered all local government agencies to help flood victims and prepare for rehabilitation and repair of utilities once the flooding ends. Villages in the district have been warned to monitor the situation for flash floods and mudslides.

Mr. Arun Pinta, head of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation’s office in Chiang Mai, said a damage survey has started with officials continuously monitoring water levels.

Chiang Mai municipality has instructed all relevant departments to resolve flooding problems and channel the floodwater into the moat and turn it into a monkey cheek water retention area. Pumps in low-lying areas had been switched on and garbage obstructing waterways being cleared.


Flooding at Doi Inthanon and Chiang Mai city today. Photos: Naewna

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