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Bashed up medical volunteer may countersue police

THE medical volunteer who was photographed being beaten up by Protection and Crowd Control Division police during Saturday’s protest at Democracy Monument and the City Shrine Pillar said at 7 p.m. this evening (Feb.15) that he will discuss with a lawyer about countersuing the police, Thai Rath newspaper said.

Mr. Puraphon Wongcheak, 19, a member of the DNA medical volunteer team, related the details of the incident at Chana Songkram police station after he and five others who have been detained there since Saturday were released and he also got his mobile phone back.

Puraphon said after the protest leaders announced the end of the demonstration his team were helping some people who had been cut with knives.

Police then announced that everyone had to clear out in 30 minutes. However it took a few minutes to collect their belongings, and after just 10 minutes had passed, the police moved in.

His team then quickly started moving out, with the older ones riding out on their motorcycles while he and a few others were leaving on a pickup truck.

However one of the motorcycles broke down and he got off the pickup truck to help get it started again.

Just then a policeman came up to him and told him to keep calm and be careful and straddle the motorbike as officers coming behind him were going to attack, but the rear unit got there very fast and beat him up till he fainted.

They searched him and found and seized a pair of scissors, with blunt edges, used to cut bandages.

Puraphon confirmed that he did not fight back nor did he resist, adding that he was going to consult a lawyer about countersuing the police.

Another arrested suspect, Mr. Adisak Pharam said he had come to help a friend who had been exposed to tear gas. While he was washing his face he was beaten with a club.

Photos of this medical volunteer being punched up were shared on social media and drew heavy criticism.


The medical volunteer who is thinking about countersuing the police. Photos: Thai Rath

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