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Urgent probe into drug deaths from consuming lethal powder

METROPOLITAN Police Chief Pol Lt. Gen. Phukphong Phongpetra held an urgent meeting at Phaya Thai station today (Jan. 11) after five people in this district died upon consuming a drug known “ketamine powdered milk” with the compound still being investigated and one other death in Sutthisan area, Siam Rath newspaper reported this evening (Jan. 11).

The three men and three women who died after taking this killer power were in the 21-34 age group.

Pol Lt. Gen. Phukphong, who was accompanied by his deputy Pol. Maj. Gen. Chiraphat Phoomchit, said it has not yet been determined what this drug is and where it originated from with witnesses still being questioned. Doctors have said they died from heart failure.

Police have questioned Mr. Wirat, or Pong (surname withheld) who lives in Sathorn area as he had consumed this drug with two women leading to one of them dying while the other one has been hospitalized in serious condition.

He revealed that he had been drinking beer with his friends and fell asleep, when he woke up these two women were there with him and he thought they had come with his friends so drank some more with them until they were very drunk.

He then went and bought ketamine powdered milk from Rama 3 road area at 600 baht a packet and they consumed that too. He revealed that this drug powder has no smell and looks like milk powder, when consumed one feels as if one had consumed alcohol and falls asleep.

Another three drug addicts have been hospitalized in Wat Phraya Krai police station zone. Investigation revealed that ketamine powdered milk is available in two areas of this zone and not everywhere.

Police were not able to confirm whether two women in this area had died after consuming drugs as posted online by their friends.


Top: Pol Lt. Gen. Phukphong at a press briefing today. Photo: Siam Rath



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