Australian woman dies after plunging off cliff at Koh Samui waterfall

A YOUNG Australian woman who climbed high up Koh Samui’s Na Muang Waterfall 2 with two male friends fell off the cliff and later died with rescuers still trying to bring her body down from that high point, said this evening (May 14).

At 3 p.m. today Koh Samui police station was notified that the 23-year-old unidentified Australian woman was seriously injured after falling off the cliff at the fourth level of Na Muang Waterfall 2 and quickly sent a rescue team.

Rushing to the waterfall to help the injured woman were Koh Samui Disaster Prevention and Mitigation officials, volunteers from Samui Rescue Foundation, Tourist Police and Koh Samui district officials.

Pol.Sen.Sgt.Maj Watcharin Petchnu, a patrol officer at Na Mueang sub-district, said when he arrived at the scene he quickly called the volunteers to come and help bring the injured woman down from the waterfall’s fourth level as the path up to that point is very steep and difficult to traverse.

Her two male friends had told him that they had rescued her and that she was seriously injured and they were giving her cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) but she was not better.

When rescue volunteers reached the point of the accident high up the waterfall they found that she had died.

The rescuers were still trying to bring her body down the difficult path but had hoped to do so before dark.

Police initially do not know what led to the young woman plunging off the cliff but will be questioning her two male friends to ascertain what happened.


Top: Tourists at Na Muang Waterfall 2 where the young Australian woman fell off the cliff. The Thai headline says, “Tourist plunges off cliff.”

Home Page: A warning sign at this waterfall. Both photos:

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