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Uzbek tourist plunges to death at waterfall

A YOUNG UZBEK man who travelled from Phuket to Ranong province together with six Russian friends died today (Sept. 5) after falling off the second level of the Ngao waterfall, Khaosod newspaper reported.

Mr. Chalit Sinrojthanakorn, head of Namtok Ngao National Park where the waterfall is located, said the five male and two female tourists had rented three motorcycles and a sedan to go to the waterfall.

Once there the deceased tourist, Mr. Abdullah, 22,  had strayed from the fixed path and climbed up to the second-level of the waterfall but slipped on some rocks and plunged down dying on the spot.

Park official said there signs forbidding tourists from climbing up to certain spots to take selfies, and particularly with the Covid-19 pandemic raging, swimming is forbidden at this waterfall. Usually two park officials patrol the area but this young man violated the rules and went up to the risky spot to take some photos and slipped and fell, dying there and then.

The body of the deceased tourist has been sent to Ranong Hospital for an autopsy while his six Russian friends were taken to the police station for questioning with the police to also inform the Uzbek Embassy of his death.


Top: Ngao waterfall where the Uzbek tourist died today. Photo: Khaosod

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