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Myanmar-Karenni troops clash near Thai border

CLASHES are taking place between Myanmar army and Karenni fighters just five kilometres from Thai-Myanmar border in Mae Hong Son province causing fear to spread among Thai residents living in this area, Naewna newspaper said this afternoon (May 15).

At 9.40 a.m. Mr. Pongpeera Chuchuen, Mae Hong Son district chief, received a report from the village headman of Ban Doi Saeng,  Pang Mu subdistrict, Mueang district, that there were continuous sounds of clashes across the border on the western side of the village.

High-level Karenni sources said the clashes occurred after Myanmar army sent three battalions to escort the delivery of supplies to their soldiers in Kayah state who they had encircled.

The Myanmar troops came down from Shan state and entered Kayah at the junction between Thailand, Kayah and Shan states opposite Ban Rak Thai, Mok Champae subdistrict, Mueang district, because delivery could not be made within Kayah itself with the Myanmar troops being pinned down.

The Karenni army sent units to intercept them which triggered the clashes.


Karenni troops moving in to intercept Myanmar soldiers near the Thai-Myanmar border. Photos: Naewna

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