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Police investigating mysterious death of German tourist


THE overnight death of an elderly German man staying in Chanthaburi province is being investigated after police ruled that it appears to be unnatural, Matichon said today (Jan. 16).

A police team from Thai Mai station together with rescuers went to the single-storey house in this district where the deceased man, Mr. Kinsler Rolf Hermann, 82, resided after being alerted by Ms. Suthida Chantain who had been assigned by his wife to take care of him as she remained in Germany.

Suthida said she talked to him via video conference hooked to the surveillance camera every morning but at 9 a.m. this morning when she switch on the surveillance camera and saw that he was not moving on his bed she immediately called him and when he did not answer rushed to his house and found him death on his bed.

Police found no injuries on his body with the CCTV clip showing that at 11 p.m. he was still moving on his bed but stopped doing so at around midnight which was presumably when he died.

An inspection of the house showed that things were in their place and no ransanking had taken place. Police also found many packets of medicine by his bedside. The deceased had been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure and regularly saw a doctor at Tha Mai Hospital.

As police are unable to state the exact cause of death which they considered unnatural they have sent his body to Phra Pok Klao Hospital for an autopsy. At the same time they will contact his relatives for further action.


Suthida briefing a plain clothes police detective about the death of the German tourist, inset. Photo: Matichon


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