Bullet mix-up leads to student killing instructor at shooting range

AN INSTRUCTOR was shot dead by his student and at a shooting range in Pathum Thani province after she mistook a live bullet lying on the ground for a dummy and loaded it into her firearm then later upon firing at a target hit him, said this afternoon (May 13).

Pol. Lt. Col. Somboon Khobkhrokkruat, an investigator at Klong Ha police station, rushed to the large shooting range in Khlong Luang district upon hearing of the trainer being shot.

There he found the instructor, Capt. Chanchai (surname withheld), 40, unconscious after being shot in his right forearm.

Ruamkatanyu Foundation volunteers gave him first aid before taking him to Thanyaburi Hospital where he later died. 

The shocked female student who shot him, Ms. Tacha (surname withheld), around 40 to 50 years old, was waiting for the police at the scene.

Police found out that 11 students joined the day’s shooting training programme held by three instructors. The morning session was devoted to theoretical training.

Practical training took place in the afternoon with Capt. Chanchai demonstrating the basic use of firearms. 

During the fifth round of loading dummy bullets into firearms Tacha picked up a bullet lying on the ground thinking it was a dummy and loaded it into her firearm.

After that during the shooting practice session she fired at the target but instead hit her instructor seriously injuring him and leading to his death.

Pol. Lt. Col. Somboon inspected the scene and took photos as evidence and took Thacha to the station for further questioning to find out the real cause with the firearm used in the shooting also seized for inspection. Capt. Chanchai’s relatives have been informed to take his body for a funeral.


The scene of the shooting at the large range in Pathum Thani province. Photo:

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