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Two elderly widowers fight over young woman – one gets shot

A 72-year-old widower is being investigated for allegedly shooting another elderly widower as both competed to win the heart of a 31-year-old woman in northeastern Buriram province, Sanook.com said this evening (July 11).

Pol. Col. Pongsakorn Onsaluay, deputy inspector of Satuek police station, Satuek district, rushed to investigate after being informed at 7 p.m. yesterday that a man had been admitted to Satuek Hospital after being shot.

Badly injured in the right thigh was Mr. Samran, 69, and he was later sent to Buriram Centre Hospital for an operation.

Police then rounded up Mr. Thongpool, 72, a neighbour who is suspected to have shot Samran but he denied having done so.

The suspect said he did not have any quarrels with the injured man and therefore had no reason to shoot him. 

Regarding the young woman who local residents said triggered a fight between the two men, Thongpool said he was not jealous but admitted to having occasionally taken care of this woman’s financial matters in the past.

However the young woman, Ms Nam, told police that after she broke up with her boyfriend two months ago, both widowed men tried to get close to her.

Recently Samran forbade her from going to Thongpool’s house which she suspected might have triggered a fight and led to the shooting, although she admitted she was not present when this happened.

She added that she believed they were both jealous over her but that she herself was not interested in either of the elderly men.

Police have initially charged Thongpool with possessing an unlicensed firearm and ammunition, carrying a firearm in a public place without reasonable cause and intimidating others. Other charges could be filed after questioning the injured man.


Top: Thongpool being questioned at the police station.

Home Page: The houses of the two elderly men. Photos: Sanook.com


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