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Rama 3 road gambling den sever completely destroyed

ANY HOPE of getting information about the deadly shootout at a gambling den on Rama 3 road from footage of CCTV cameras seized from a shophouse across the road last Friday was dashed as the server has been badly smashed, Sanook.com reported today (August 10, 2020).

Pol. Maj. Gen. Visoot Nakju, commander of the Central Forensics Division, admitted that his men have failed open the server box of three CCTV cameras seized in the raid because it had been totaled.

However he added that police are focusing on the direction of the gunfire and have a complete map of the trajectory as well as having identified the firearms the killers used.

Four persons died in the shootout at the gambling den last week with one of them being Pol. Maj. Watthaset Samnieangprasert, or Inspector Max, based at Samae Dam police station, and the person who shot him dead Mr. Thavorn or “Hia Thavorn” Sisod, 51, as well as two women, Ms. Peeraya Numlamul, 44, and Ms. Mao Sala Pao, 29.

Meanwhile police are still chasing seven other suspects who appeared in a video clip showing them moving gambling equipment out of the den.

Police officers at Thung Maha Mek station also said that the four persons who were injured in this shootout and are undergoing treatment at a hospital are all gamblers.

While present when shots were fired, all four have been unable to provide police with any useful information as they said they were not watching who was firing the shots.


Top: The surveillance cameras at the den. Photo: Sanook.com


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