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Mob demands a new constitution, not just amendment

THE Campaign for People’s Constitution together with student groups and the June 24 Democracy group held at activity at Sappaya-Sapasathan where the National Assembly is located to show their stance that the Constitution not be amended and a new one be written this morning (August 10), Naewna and INN News newspaper reported.

The activity started with a silent skit followed by speeches by the leaders of the groups assembled there including Mr. Anusorn Unno, a Thammasat University professor and leader of  Campaign for People’s Constitution, and Mr. Somyot Prueksakasemsuk, leader of the June 24 Democracy group.

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Anusorn had also submitted a draft on complete amendment of the current constitution to Sutin Klangsang, the chief opposition whip.

While having submitted this draft, Anusorn said he in fact believes a new one should be written because there is widespread support to amend far too many sections of the current one.

After a new constitution is written it should be put to a public referendum for approval, he added.

Sutin said opposition MPs agreed with Anusorn’s group that there are problems with the 2017 constitution that curb the development of the country.

Pheu Thai Party has completed a constitution amendment draft and will be submitting it to the House on August 17. However what changes will be made depends on Constitution Drafting Assembly.


Top: The activity at Sappaya-Sapasathan this morning. Photo: Naewna



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