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Peeved drunk man fires 20 shots at unfriendly neighbour’s house

A THAI man who fired 20 shots at the house next door when badly drunk last night told police this afternoon (Dec. 9) that he did so because his neighbour was not friendly and had not spoken to him even once, Sanook.com reported this evening.

Pol. Lt. Col. Teerawat Kajonkiatpas, head of Rattanathibet police station in Nonthaburi province, and his two deputies questioned  Mr. Tatsataphon, 31, at 5 p.m. after waking him up from a drunken sleep in the afternoon and bringing him to the station.

Tatsataphon told the officers that he fired shots from a 9 mm pistol at his neighbour’s house because he was upset the owner, Mr Chatchai, had not once spoken to him throughout the time he built this house, put in a power pole and installed pipelines.

To him this was disrespectful and showed he did not want a neighbourly relationship.

However Tatsataphon is willing to pay for all the damage he caused. It was found that aside from Mr. Chatchai’s house being damaged, vehicles parked within the compound had also been hit.

Police said Tatsataphon had a history of carrying firearms in public and assaulting others. The pistol he used last night belonged to his mother.

Police are now charging him with wrongful possession of a firearm and shooting in public for no good reason and causing damage to other people’s property.


Top: The suspect being questioned by police. Thai headline says, “came and built a house and did not speak to him.” Photo: Sanook.com


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