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Traffic builds up on Asian Highway as Songkran revellers return to Bangkok


AS Songkran holidays draw to a close, holidaymakers started returning to Bangkok with all lanes of Asian Highway from Ang Thong province to Maha Rat district of Ayutthaya province filled with vehicles from afternoon onwards, Amarin TV said this evening (Apr. 15).

An inspection found that as more vehicles poured into this key highway the traffic was able to move at 40 kilometres an hour. However there was a slowdown at various rest points.

Nevertheless when the traffic flow reaches the 50km of the highway, at which point the maximum speed limit of 120km an hour and minimum limit of 100km an hour regulation is being tested, the traffic picks up speed. Yet in this stretch too there is a slowdown at various rest points with the traffic again building up from Ayutthaya’s Maha Rat district onwards.

It is expected that a greater number of vehicles will be pouring into this highway from this evening till tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile Ang Thong police and highway officials advised people heading for Bangkok to use another route which to go through the Ang Thong interchange and then travelling on the old Ang Thong-Ayutthaya 309 road,  turning right upon reaching Worachet intersection, and then travelling on Ayutthaya-Pathum Thani route and getting on the expressway to reach the capital.


Traffic congestion on the Asian Highway this afternoon. The Thai headline says, “starting to return to Bangkok.” Photo: Amain TV

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