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Activist groups hold Songkran event at Democracy Monument

SOME activist groups marched from Phan Fa bridge to Democracy Monument today (Apr. 13), Songkran Day, where they held a water pouring ceremony to draw attention to their demands, Matichon newspaper said.

Members of We Volunteer (Vivo), Thalu Fah, People’s Group and Fem Liberated kicked off their event at 4.45 p.m. after reaching the monument with Mr. Thanaphat Kapheng, or Pun Thalu Fah, cutting a ribbon tied to a sign listing their demands and giving the three-finger salute amidst cheers.

The participants then hauled a bucket of rose-petal scented water up above the representation of the 1932 Constitution and poured over it.

They then poured water over the people’s plaque placed on a tray in front of the monument.

Also doing so were Ms, Panusaya Sitthichirawattanakul, or Rung, a spokesperson of the People’s Group, and Mr. Piyarat Chongthep, or Toto, the leader of Vivo group, among other senior members of these groups.

“We have a New Year’s message for everyone. Due to the years of fighting, it can be a bit tiring. Today, we took a break to play with water to refresh ourselves and feel comfortable. The battle still has a long way to go. Today is a break between our battles,” said Thanaphat.

The event ended a short while later with participants cleaning the monument before they departed.

The four demands these activist groups previously made are as follows:

– Release their friends;

– Write a new constitution;

– Repeal Section 112 of the Criminal Code, known as the lese majeste law;

– Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha step down.


Today’s Songkran event at Democracy Monument. Photos: Matichon

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