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Protest convoy again rolls through in tandem with rally at Asoke

PROTESTERS heaping more pressure on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down were back in the heart of Bangkok this afternoon (Sept 6) with a “car mob” convoy driving three rounds from Ratchaprasong to Asoke intersections in conjunction with a rally at latter point, Naewna newspaper said this afternoon.

Those who joined the protest convoy led by red shirt movement leader Mr. Nattawut Saikua loudly honked their horns during the three rounds of protest drive.

Before setting out, Nattawut said the protest leaders are trying to create a new format by building up on their strength, which is the “car mob” protest convoy that allows participants to join without violating Covid regulations.

In conjunction to this is the rally at Asoke intersection led by Mr. Sombat Boonngam-anon, who heads the Sombat Tour group, and an assessment will be made later on how holding two parallel protest events pan out.

Nattawut also said that a big demonstration is coming up soon while motorcycles will be joining tomorrow’s event and there will be other processions this week.

He added protests this time are not the same as those held previously because people from the provinces cannot come to the city as they cannot camp overnight and Covid pandemic prevents him from travelling out to meet them.

Meanwhile Sombat said he is setting up a camp at Asoke intersection for a week to see how this model works out because so far there has not been an extended protest and guidelines will be later used to possibly change the format, Thai Rath newspaper said.

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The emphasis is on a free microphone to allow for freedom of expression by protesters on the stage because everyone’s voice is equally loud, he said.

He added that weekday protest activities may not attract as many participants as on weekends but the emphasis is on noise – the blaring of horns by protest motorcyclists and drivers.

According to this protest model each rally lasts two to three hours in order to not get tired and to be able to assemble everyday.

The wealthy blinded protester Mr. Thanat Thanakitamnuay, or Hiso Luknut, was the first to use the free microphone and in his speech he urged the Thalugaz protesters who have had a string of confrontations with crowd-control police at Din Daeng intersection to come and join the anti-Prayut rally here and let others know how they have been tramatised by the authorities and share their views on the ongoing Covid crisis.

He also attacked the government for allegedly buying the votes of MPs during last week’s marathon censure debate and alleged corruption in the procurement of the Sinovac vaccine.

He added that a microphone can knock down Gen. Prayut and create new seeds to fight dictatorship.


Today’s “car mob” protest convoy led by red shirt movement leader Nattawut Saikua. All photos: Naewna

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