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Huge fire raging at oil warehouse in Nakhon Pathom

A FIERCE fire is raging at an oil warehouse near Thanya market in Om Yai area of Nakhon Pathom province with there being continuous eruptions after the blaze started noon today (Nov. 29), Matichon newspaper and Sanook.com said.

At 12.21 p.m. it was reported that this plant, Prapha Oil Om Yai, stored thinner and oil products.

Firemen said at this point the blaze could not be controlled due to strong wind and it had begun to spread to people’s houses. A large amount of foam is required to put it out.

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Rescuers have reached the area and traffic in the surrounding area is moving slowly.

On April 21 this year another fire gutted a different oil warehouse just a kilometre away from Om Yai market with people in the neighbourhood then too hearing explosions from time to time at the height of the blaze.


Fire shooting out of the oil warehouse near Thanya market. Top photo: Sanook.com, and Home Page photo: Matichon

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