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Former Thammasat rector says he is being harassed


THAMMASAT University’s former rector Prof. Dr. Chanwit Kasetsiri said in a post with surveillance camera photos attached that he is being harassed and stalked by four men who came to his condo but upon not finding him at home took a photo of the front of the unit and left, Matichon newspaper said (Mar. 27).

The four men had travelled to his condo on a pickup truck with the licence plate covered and went up the lift to his unit. 

He added that he has consulted lawyers who said this is a case of harassment and stalking.

He mentioned that others too who had got involved in the younger generation’s rallies had been similarly harassed.

In his post Chanwit said the following:

“I was harassed – ​​stalked…

“On Tuesday, March 23:

“Four men dressed like officers out of uniform, with their hair cut short and wearing round-neck T-shirts,

“Drove up on a pickup truck with the licence plate concealed, blurred white, the licence number cannot be seen,

“Came to my residential condo, 

“Two of them got out of the pickup truck and asked for me,

“They took the elevator up to the front of the unit and knocked on the door,

“When they realised I was not home they took a photo of the front of the condo and then went down,

“I was later told that,

“They tracked down many people who ‘got involved with the youngsters’ rallies’,

“I consulted some lawyers,

“And was clarified that,

“This action is a form of harassment – ​​stalking,

“Could be an offence,

“ For committing crimes against liberty,

“According to Criminal Code Sections 309 and 80.”


Top: Prof. Dr. Chanwit Kasetsiri, left, and one of the men who came to his condo, right. 

Home Page: Surveillance camera images of the men arriving at the former rector’s condominium building. Both photos: Matichon

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