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Mechanic held in robbery, murder of young woman

POLICE have arrested an air-conditioning mechanic who stabbed a young woman to death after she screamed for help during a robbery at her luxury house in Nakhon Ratchasima city on Tuesday (August 11), Sanook.com reported this afternoon (August 13, 2020).

The suspect, Mr. Thiraphon, 26, who worked at an air-conditioner shop near the house of the pretty victim, Ms. Natarika, or Ice, 29, confessed  that his motive was to get some cash and assets to cover household expenses because the shop’s business had dropped.

As he know this luxury house well having worked there four to five times, he used the ploy of having left some equipment behind to gain entrance.

Once in he used a knife to threaten Natarika into handing over some cash, and she took him to her bedroom but when she could not find any, he told her to transfer 10,000 baht from her account to his.

Just as they were proceeding to make the bank transfer, Natarika saw a neighbour walk by and screamed for help.

Thiraphon then slashed the victim’s throat and fled with her mobile phone and car keys and hid in a hut in a field in this same province.

Police said a background check shows that the suspect, who had previously been in jail, was prosecuted in at least four cases including burglary, injuring others and taking drugs.


Top: The suspect, with his head covered with a towel, being led away by police. Thai headline says, “did not intend to kill.” Photo: Sanook.com


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