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Veterans hospital badly hit by protests and clashes at Din Daeng intersection

THE Veterans General Hospital which is close to Din Daeng intersection and Royal Thai Army Band Department where protests have been taking place for weeks now said it has been severely affected by these rallies and clashes with doctors unable to get to the hospital and ambulance having to be sent to pick them up, Sanook.com said this evening (Sept. 14).

Dr. Kamphon Muangsaen, director of Veterans Hospital, outlined the issues that have cropped up due to days of ongoing clashes between the adolescent protesters and crowd-control police. 

He pointed out that most of the patients at this hospital are elderly and these rallies and clashes usually occur at night.

Another critical issue is the hospital’s entrance and exit being closed either by the authorities or the protesters themselves with this preventing doctors from driving there in their cars.

The hospital has had to send out ambulances to pick up these doctors because that is the only type of vehicle allowed to pass the protest zone.

Other issues are noise, smoke and the smell of tear gas, he said, while reiterating that this hospital gives equal care to all parties.

The hospital has arranged for security guards to maintain safety within the compound while having also laid out plans in case of a disaster because it is uncertain at which point confrontation between the protesters and police would take place.

It has not suffered a lot of damage so far with some potted plants in front of the compound damaged but it is uncertain which party is responsible.


Top: Firecrackers set off by protesters pressing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down. Photo: Sanook.com

Home Page: Car tyres ablaze during the protest at Din Daeng intersection and close by Royal Thai Army Band Department on Sunday Sept. 13. Photo: Thai Rath

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