100,000 AIS customers hit after attack by hackers

ADVANCED Info Service Plc (AIS) said today (Feb. 18) that 100,000 of its customers’ data had been leaked after employees’ computers were hacked but correction had been made with the cell phone carrier’s system and business operations not compromised, Thai Rath newspaper said.

Mr. Prathana Leelapanang, CEO of AIS, said investigation of the cybercrime revealed that 100,000 of its customers’ data had been stolen and published on the dark web with including their name and surname, ID card number, date of birth, phone number but there was no indication that files containing financial transactions had been accessed.

After the discovery of this hacking AIS worked with cybersecurity experts to urgently investigate the cause and had notified the National Cybersecurity Committee as well as informed  the affected customers via SMS.

Investigation revealed that the ransomware breach occurred at the stand alone computers of employees who accessed the information while working from home. 

AIS has now updated the software on all its employees’ computers while stressing that its services have not been compromised by this cyberattack.

Prathana apologised for this incident and advised customers to be more careful in undertaking various transactions that require the divulging of personal information and watch out for people contacting them to obtain these details.


Top: A cybercriminal. Photo: Richard Patterson (CC BY 2.0)

Home PAGE: Mobile phone hackers concept image. Photo: Stock Catalogue (CC BY 2.0)

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