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Money drained out of tens of thousands of bank accounts


TENS of thousands of people who had their bank accounts drained by criminals today (Oct. 17) grouped together online to share their experiences after discovering that small sums of money, less than 100 baht, had been repeatedly withdrawn very quickly, Sanook.com said.

Some people’s accounts had been completely drained this way with these accounts being with several different banks.

The transaction for the repeated withdrawal says “pay for products via EDC.”

Victims who shared their experiences reached a common viewpoint that the accounts being hit either have a debit card or cards linked to various online applications such as shopping,  hotel reservation, airline and e-wallet.

There have been instances of credit cards being hacked to pay for unusual transactions at around the same time.

Meanwhile Mr. Sorayut Sutasanachinda, a well-known news anchor, posted a photo of a bank transaction report and said, “this should be a big issue, apps linked to bank accounts, credit and debit cards hit like this!”


Top: Part of Sorayut’s bank transaction report showing quick withdrawal of small sums of money.

Home Page: Part of a statement showing one hacking victim’s AirAsia credit card having been deducted for payments he did not authorise. Photos: Sanook.com

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