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Gold shop robbers have likely fled to Myanmar

WHILE POLICE and soldiers continue to hunt for three armed robbers who raided a Tak province gold shop and made off with around 200 baht weight of gold jewellery yesterday afternoon (Feb 12) they now believe they have already crossed the border to Myanmar, Thai Rath newspaper said today.

The three robbers who were wearing full-visor helmets fired several shots at the glass door of Krung Thep 4 gold shop in Phop Phra district then used a hammer to smash it open. They went in and took all the gold ornaments displayed within the counter and fled. A Myanmar national,  Mr. Chaika, 30, who was buying jewellery at the time was shot dead.

Throughout the night policemen from Phop Phra station and Tak provincial investigation unit did their best to track down the robbers with the help of  soldiers who brought in trained dogs. 

The military dogs sniffed two vehicles, a grey-broze pick-up truck left at Pha Ka Chae village, around six kilometres from the gold shop, and a white pick-up truck parked on the bank of Moei river, around eight kilometres from the first vehicle.

Police questioned the owner of the first pick-up truck, the 36-year-old son of a former policeman, but he said he had nothing to do with the robbery as his vehicle had been stolen.

This robbery has frightened the people in this district with the shops and markets being quiet today.

This morning Pol. Lt.. Gen. Akradej Phimonsri, head of  Provincial Police Region 6, along with investigators questioned the gold shop owner, Ms. Amporn Yookaew, 44.

She told them that when the robbery took place she and her family members together with three employees were selling gold jewellery to a couple who had come in.

However when she looked out and saw the three men getting out of the pick-up truck with their faces covered with full-visor helmets she quickly pressed the button to close the glass door.  But when they started firing at this door they dashed to the back of the shop for safety.


The gold shop in Phop Phra district that was robbed yesterday afternoon. Photos: Thai Rath

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