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Customer shot dead in Tak gold shop robbery


THREE armed robbers killed a customer at a gold shop in Tak province and fled towards the Thai-Myanmar border with over a hundred baht weight of gold jewellery this afternoon (Feb. 12), Amarin TV said. 

At around 1 p.m. today Phob Phra police station was alerted of the robbery at Krung Thep 4 gold shop which is located in a densely-populated community at the centre of the district. 

The robbers had fired a pistol at the glass door then used a hammer to further smash it after which they went in and took almost all the gold ornaments within the counter and fled in a pick-up truck parked outside the shop.

At the time of the robbery there were three customers in the shop with the two owners selling some gold jewellery to them. One of the three buyers, Mr. Chaika, 30, was shot in the chest and later died in the hospital.

CCTV clips show that the three robbers were dressed like farm workers with all of them wearing long-sleeve shirts and full-visor helmets.

After grabbing the large amount of gold ornaments and putting them in a bag they had brought along they quickly ran out of the shop and drove off in their pick-up towards the Thai-Myanmar border.


One of the three robbers firing a pistol the the gold shop glass door, top, with the shop later cordoned off, Home Page. Photos: Amarin TV

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