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Fake doctor nabbed while hiding at a Pattaya hotel

A WOMAN who assumed the identity of a real doctor who is currently overseas to get a job at a cosmetic clinic in Bangkok owned by a popular YouTuber was arrested today (Dec.19) while hiding at a hotel in Pattaya, Siam Rath newspaper said.

Central Investigation Bureau Chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapob Phuridet together with other senior police officers said at a press briefing that Ms Alinda (surname withheld), 29, was arrested under a Criminal Court warrant issued yesterday on the charges of fraudulently impersonating another person, practising medicine without permission and issuing statements to convince others that she is knowledgeable about the medical profession.

Her arrest stemmed from Ms Pimradaporn Benjawattanapat, or Pimrypie, the successful YouTuber and online retailer, having last Wednesday Dec. 16 filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Police Division that Alinda had used the professional documents of another female doctor in applying for a job at her Est Cute clinic with this causing damage.

She had also mentioned that the bogus doctor formerly worked at another clinic selling treatment courses to customers and liked to take photos of herself dressed up as a doctor there.


The suspect being arrested at a Pattaya hotel today. Photos: Siam Rath


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