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Koh Samui police say Ukrainian woman was not murdered

THE mystery surrounding the death of a Ukrainian woman on Koh Samui after her body was found in a gully at a plantation was clarified today (June 11) with police saying they believe she was not murdered and her death could either be a suicide or as a result of her mental illness, Sanook.com reported this morning.

The body of Olha Frolova, 32, was found by Uthen Ruangnon, 47, lying supine in the gully and covered with layers of coconut fronds earlier this week. She had by then been dead for two weeks, Neawna newspaper reported earlier.

Her ex-husband, Mr Dimas Frolov, 40, a freelance photographer, had told police that he last saw her on May 24 when she dropped off their 10-year-old son for him to take care of for two days. However when he called her the next day she did not reply.

On May 29 he reported her as missing and posted the message online. He had also checked with friends and went to various places she frequented to search for her.

Frolov added that he had been married to Olha for 12 years and they came to Thailand together with their 10-year-old son five years ago. Olha’s role was that of a housewife

However lately they had started having family problems and separated two months ago and Olha had after that got a new boyfriend, a British man who ran a fitness business.

Pol Maj Gen Thakoon Netpukkana, head of Surat Thani provincial police, said investigation revealed that Olha had gone to a car rental shop to return a rented car, Sanook.com reported.

After that she had walked for an hour to the spot where her body was found but investigation did not reveal any suspects or criminals.

He added that Olha’s ex-husband had a visa to work in Thailand and she was using dependent visa to stay here together with her son. Police have also questioned the fitness trainer who was her new boyfriend but he is not linked to this case in anyway.

Police found her mobile phone in her handbag and saw that she called day and night as well as posted a message that appears to be suicidal.

A background check revealed that she had been treated for bipolar mental illness earlier. A thorough inspection of the scene of death also led police to give weight to suicide or death related to her illness because her belongings had not been stolen.

Pol Maj Gen Thakoon said it is possible she got tired after walking to this spot and then used the coconut fronds to make a seat in the shade. After that she died with a detailed autopsy taking two weeks likely to reveal whether it was suicide or death stemming from her illness.


Top: Olha at the car rental shop where she had returned a car just an hour before reaching the gully where she died. Thai headline says, “no one killed her.” Photo: Sanook.com

Insert:: Olha and the plantation where her body was found. Photo: Naewna

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